As Secretary of State, I have these priorities for serving you:


Trust, but verify your vote with a receipt
Track your vote like a package. Verify it was received, counted, and audited.
Better training for election workers
From poll workers to County Clerks, Election Day workers deserve better training to better serve Hoosier voters.


Independent audit of all 92 counties
Only 5 counties are audited. Detailed results are not available. The audit is not independent.
Certify elections only after complete audit
Certify elections after the independent audit. Only audited elections should be certified.


Serve Hoosier small businesses, help them grow
Fast, convenient customer service so Hoosier small businesses can focus on serving their customers.
Hand up, not a hand out to entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurs and innovators need a welcoming business environment, and good customer service.
Fight inflation with innovation
Small business fight inflation by innovating ways to use less more efficiently when something costs more.
Legalize Cannabis, Grow Businesses
Help Hoosier entrepreneurs grow an entire industry once cannabis and marijuana are fully legalized.
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