As Secretary of State, I have three priorities for serving you:

Get a receipt for your vote

You deserve votes you can count and elections you can trust. No matter what method you use to vote, you will get a unique confirmation receipt.  Your receipt is the first step toward election integrity and transparency.

Level the playing field with fair redistricting

Hoosiers should choose their representatives, but in practice, politicians choose their voters through our gerrymandered electoral maps and corrupt redistricting process. Like painting goal lines on a field, redistricting is used to give one side an unfair advantage for generations to come. Instead, I want to level the playing field with an independent, nonpartisan redistricting commission, nested districts, and indivisible community voices with fixed boundaries, like counties and school districts, that can’t easily be manipulated by partisan interests.

Grow business by shrinking government

Small businesses are the fabric of our community.  They feed our families and serve our neighbors. The Secretary of State is responsible for licensing new businesses, and I believe that small businesses don’t need to be told what to do, they just need to be left alone so they can serve their customers and grow.

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