You Got an “I voted” sticker

but you can’t see if your vote was counted

You need a receipt.

LPIN State Convention


Jeff Maurer Announcement

On August 19th, 2021 Jeff Maurer announced he is seeking the Libertarian nomination for Indiana Secretary of State in 2022.

Maurer’s career spans tech, transportation, and budget and finance. He lives in Carmel, Indiana, and serves the Carmel community on the Economic Development Commission and the Home Place Advisory Board.

Maurer said, “I’m excited to announce this campaign to bring Hoosiers votes you can count and elections you can trust.”

Many Hoosiers don’t trust the election results and are concerned about fraud. The Secretary of State is solely responsible for ensuring that every eligible vote is counted correctly and that Hoosiers trust the results.

“As Secretary of State, I want you to have a receipt for your vote, so there can be no doubt in how your vote was counted,” Maurer said.

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